Quality of Life

Iowa is one of the most livable states in the nation and livability in the Mid-Iowa region is second to none.  The region’s affordable, safe communities also feature vibrant economies and exciting opportunities for dining, shopping, arts, and outdoor recreation.

  • Iowa is ranked the nation’s 2nd-most livable state based on 43 factors ranging from median household income to crime rate and from sunny days to infant mortality rate.
  • Iowa ranks 9th in the nation for number of state parks, recreational areas and natural areas.
  • Iowa ranks 10th in safest neighborhoods in the U.S.
  • Iowa has the 3rd-highest public high school graduation rate in the U.S.
  • Four Mid-Iowa counties rank in the top 20 for Best Counties in Iowa for Retirees, with Wright County ranking #3.
  • Wright County ranks #15 for Best Counties in Iowa for Families.
  • Palo Alto County ranks #12 for Best Counties in Iowa for Young Professionals.

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